Anorak, 2011
42 x 40 x 12 inches (with arms fully stretched to side),
Hand-sewn beadwork on canvas
glass beads, thread, photo printed canvas, canvas,

Collaboration with climate scientist Cecilia Bitz

Thematically, the anorak addresses climate change effects on the Arctic, which is Cecilia's research focus as an expert on sea ice.  The anorak was designed to fit Cecilia, thereby clothing the scientist in her own work.      

A beaded map of the Arctic (with 3 different definitions of Arctic) on the shoulders locates the work geographically.  Greenhouse gas moledcular models are found on the hood.  Arctic species (including man) tumble out of the map towards flames on the lower hem, which includes stock ticker symbols for major oil and coal corporations.  On the cuffs, sleeves and front and back of the anorak are equations and plots with particular significance to Cecilia's research.  During the collaboration, Cecilia fed me with many detailed reports that informed the design and took part in the artistic discussion (I almost never start with a set design). She beaded several of the components including the muskox and right cuff seen in this image.   




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