Scott Schuldt
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I am a self-taught interdisciplinary artist working in a wide variety of themes including nature and natural sciences, politics, history and archaeology. I work with hand-sewn beadwork, mixed media, photography, video, drawing and hand-surveyed hand-drawn maps. My work is strong in concept, content driven, often narrative and accessible. As I work I often find the subject to be more complex than it first appeared and intertwined with other issues and ideas. The resulting artworks can be deeply layered in meaning than it first appears.

While my artwork often appears to be carefully planned, I actually tend to work intuitively. I am strongly motivated by my own curiosity and will follow the paths that I find most interesting when I come across them. Projects evolve as they progress and the resulting artwork is, to some extent, a documentation of my own learning process. I will use whatever medium I can figure out to tell the story.

Recently, I have been working with a process of environmental exploration creating artwork by documenting my discoveries. These projects intellectually and emotionally explore the idea of wildness, wilderness, and mankindís often counter-productive relationship with nature. In 2014, I was an artist in residence at New York City's Museum of Art and Design and Facilities Coordinator for Artspace's City Wide Open Studios Alternative Space in New Haven.

Scott Schuldt
November 2014