Scott Schuldt

The View from the Canoe
Since 2009, I have been working on a canoe based journal/art project exploring, writing and photographing the environment from a canoe.
I work by making frequent trips, ideally somewhere around 100 days per year. Most of the writing is done in the canoe with pencil and a waterproof journal capturing my thoughts and emotions as they occur. Rather than a list of what I do, where I go, and what I see, I aim for a reflective view that is a mix of observation and deeper thoughts and with the addition of a few photographs, I hope to take the reader along with me in the canoe.
All of these writings are online at the blog -
The View from the Canoe

Notes From Smoke Farm
Notes from Smoke Farm is journal writings from my year long artist residency. Most of my days there were spent exploring the river bank and cedar forest. As with the View from the Canoe, the writing was done in the field.
Notes from Smoke Farm
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