Scott Schuldt
The View from the Canoe
Since 2008, I have been documenting water from the perspective of a canoe through photographs, video, maps, hand-carved paddles, specimen boxes and writing. The project is ongoing.
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A journal of every day of canoeing since 2008 can be found in my blog -
The View from the Canoe
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Alder #1; ink on vellum, 17x33 inches, 2011
Specimen Boxes; collected objects, wood, copper, 2009-current
Gasworks; photograph, 16x20 Inches, 2009
'One Canoe Length', video - 79 seconds,
No Man's Land Sheet 1; ink and pastel on vellum, 14x19 inches, 2011
Hand-carved canoe paddles, wood, acrylic paint, 2009-current