Scott Schuldt
I'm a bead embroidery's all needle and thread, by hand. 'The Death of Po-Han' required about 600 hours of sewing time. My work is in the collections of the City of Seattle, King County (Washington), and the Museum of Arts and Design (NYC)
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The Explorations of Professor Bitz, wearable, glass beads, canvas, 2010
The Death of Po-Han, 18x35 inches, glass beads, canvas, 2008
Spring Migration, 26x13 inches,
glass beads, canvas, 2006
Notes from Smoke Farm, 30x53 inches, glass beads, found Canvas, 2012
Phaan in the Red Room, 20x17 inches, glass beads, canvas, 2007
Immaculate Reception, 30x10x3 inches, glass beads, canvas, television, 2006