Scott Schuldt
Science Themed Work
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FAR Part 51 - Bee Hive Operations and Controlled Airspace, 25x36 inches, ink on vellum, 2014
Cause and Effect, 3 9x11 inch panels, hand-sewn beadwork, 2008
Two Mandan house floorplans and a smallpx virus.
The Explorations of Professor Bitz, hand-sewn beadwork, 2010
A collaborative work with Cecelia Bitz about climate change and Cecelia's work as a climate scientist.
39ST30, 22x26x3 inches, cast animal tracks, lead, 2010, Archaeology site 39ST30, destroyed by the damming of the Missouri River.
Science themes are found in several of my works, especially ecology, enviromental sciences and archaeology.
Calving Season, 40x36 inches, beadwork on deerskin, 2006 This work is about the ten day long calving season of the Porcupine Caribou Herd.
Arctic Goblet, 17x8x8 inches, beadwork on deerskin, antler, wood, 2007