Scott Schuldt
Specimen Boxes
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Specimen boxes were made for both the View from the Canoe and the Smoke Farm Residency. The specimens were collected while exploring the terrain and thus, those collections form landscape artworks, but rather than look at an overview, such as in landscape painting, the art focuses on the details that are found only by experiencing the land on a close up and personal basis. In response to viewers, I am currently building small box sets of one to three boxes each.

In collecting, I do not harm. No archaeological material, no harm to living animals, and I do not collect anything that might be found and enjoyed by others.
Several of the 30+ View from the Canoe specimens; wood, copper, found objects, various sizes, 2009-present
Several of the 50+ Smoke Farm specimens; wood, copper, found objects, various sizes, 2011-2012. Anchor Art Space exhibition, 2012
Canoe Specimen 9, Plastic Native American
Specimen 25, unidentified skull fragment