'The Explorations of Professor Bitz', wearable (fits Professor Bitz), glass beads, canvas anorak, 2010
This work was a collaboration with climate scientist Cecelia Bitz. It is as much an artwork about climate change in the Arctic as it is a piece about Cecelia's work... I got to dress a scientist in her own work, and Cecelia got to do some beadwork.

We started by making an anorak that would fit Cecelia. It is a design used by the first successful explorers in the Arctic, which was, of course, based on Inuit designs.
Then we discussed at length what needed to go on the anorak. A map of the Arctic forms a mantle on the shoulders with arctic animals tumbling down the body. Greenhouse gas molecules are sewn on the hood, the right cuff is a graph of global temperatur, the left cuff is the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere. Across the front is the Sea Ice Extent Chart for 1980-2010 - the amount of sea ice coverage each year. The lower hem is a sea of flames featuring stock ticker symbols for several major oil and coal producing companies.
Cecelia's excellent musk ox, in very small beads
Professor Bitz
Scott Schuldt and Cecelia Bitz