Scott Schuldt
Mother and Son series, digital photographs, 2012

Most of my days at Smoke Farm started with walking the river bank and observing changes that occurred with the season and water levels followed by off-trail explorations of the cedar forest that grows on the 1000 ft. high hill overlooking the valley.

I see the western red cedar as a matriarchal tree. It is a nurturer and provider. It's inner bark is one of the finest of basketry materials. Fallen trees and stumps are prime locations for other trees (even other species) to take root and grow. The old growth cedar at Smoke Farm was cut before 1900. But, the stumps are still present. Individuals in appearance, they were guides to me in going in and out of the forest. They became the embodiment of Mother Nature.

I shot the photographs digitally in sepia tone. I found the green of a cedar forest overpowering and black and white lacked the warmth that a mother's photograph should have.
Mother and Son #9
Mother and Son #17
Mother and Son #20
Mother and Sons #31